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Vigleo, what is it?  

Vigleo - Sharing video

Vigleo project has born to make life easier to people who play with video. The big problem with video is sharing it; it is big, in multiple formats, with different audio and video codec, not always compatible with sharing video web sites. Vigleo it’s like a bridge for every video on your computer event video not recorded yet, you record a new video from your web cam or a video screen capture.

Videos are today’s MUST!

With Vigleo you have it all, you easily take video from your computer and send it by email, you do not have to check the type of the video or the codec. The first step of Vigleo is normalize any video, that’s why we call it a bridge for you video, after the video is normalized we can do anything we want with it. You can upload it on a video sharing web site, get embed code for your own web site or sending it by email.

How to send video by Email!!!

Vigleo Box How to send video by email, for real…. Noooooooo no one can do it right now the technology doesn’t allow us to do it, what we will do for you it’s uploading the video on our servers, send the email to your friend with a screen shot of the video when you click on it the web page open and you can watch the video. This video player is compatible with Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, opera and 99% browser on the internet. This video player is a HTML5 player with a flash player in fallback, this mean this video player compatible with your IPhone, Android, IPAD, Windows phone and any other mobile device on the market.

How to get video embed code

How to get video embed code, has we have made a video player on Vigleo for the email video feature we decide to implement the embed code so if you receive a video by email you can easily get the embed code and paste it on your own web site or blog. This feature is free for everybody. If you have video on your computer that you want to upload on your web site this feature is for you simply add the video to Vigleo and then press Get embed code.

Encoding video with Vigleo

Encoding video with Vigleo is nice and automatic task, we take any video from any source and we make video compatible for the web. We change the header of the video and put it at the start of the video to make sure it will do a fast start when the web page load, what is a fast start video, the video start playing right away, doesn’t wait until the video is completely stream into your computer. We encode every video into a maximum a quality possible, if you have Vigleo lite we encode video at a maximum of 480P, if you have the Vigleo pro we will encode it in 1080P or 720P depending of the quality of your video. If you want to have a smaller video with good quality Vigleo offer you to encode your video with a multi-pass encoding.

Custom video watermark

While re-encoding the video we have the possibility to add a watermark on your video. A watermark is really useful you will add a personalized signature to every video encoded with Vigleo. When you upload video on the web your video become public, your video can be downloaded by anybody and republished on the web, but if you have a custom video watermark on your video, nobody will be able to republish it on another name.

Vigleo screenshot

YouTube express

Vigleo have develop Youtube express to help people upload big on YouTube, it’s sample, if this feature is on and you put a video bigger than 10 minutes in Vigleo and you try to send it, Vigleo will automatically split the video in part of 10 minutes videos. If you are a filmmaker and you made a small film of 35 minutes you drag it into Vigleo, it will send it in 4 parts, 3 of 10 minutes and 1 of 5 minutes, it is fast and easy.

Cropping video

Vigleo give you the option to crop your video before sending it. What we want say by cropping, you will control when the video start and when the video ends. This tool will help web cam recorder blogger to do a video blog really fast. When you record a video from you web cam often the start of the video is not needed and the end when you usually search for the stop record button is easily removable. The same scenario when you do a screen capture video, when you press start record you need a moment to get in place.

Vigleo and Dotnetnuke,

We have published a small Dotnetnuke module to create a connection with your Vigleo or any other Vigleo installed. This module can be installed on any Dotnetnuke 5.x and later. You will be able to easily change the maximum file size and the maximum request time. You click on the add connection link and you can choose a module where Vigleo will be able to send video directly into this module. See our blog to view a complete list of the module supported by Vigleo.

Vigleo and you custom video sharing web site.

If you want to make your web site compatible with Vigleo you can go on the register my web site page and ask us to make Vigleo compatible for you web site. The way we will create your connection with Vigleo this will allow anybody without updating their own installation to upload video on YOUR web site. Why you should to upload videos, well easy, if we upload a video on your web site your server won’t have to re-encode the video to make it play, the video is uploaded web ready, that’s mean that you save bandwidth because the video is compressed and you save processor power, because you don’t have to convert it, that leave the processor free to serve client who view pages of your web site. We also offer a custom branded Vigleo installation, this installation will be branded to your own name on it, we convert the free version of Vigleo and put your logo on it, the user will be able to send video only to YOUR web site. If the user want to have more features he can click on the upgrade button and if we do a sales you make a % of it by being an affiliate.

Vigleo Feature Spot Light

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Send video by email
Web cam recorder -->
Custom video watermark
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Youtube express

Upload to major web site

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